Why Won’t My Garage Door Open or Close?

Whether it’s a new customer from Fort McMurray or a loyal one from Saskatoon, one of the most common service questions we receive is, “Why won’t my garage door open/close?”

If this has ever happened to you, then you know how frustrating it can be when your garage door suddenly decides it doesn’t want to cooperate. Understanding the reason behind its apparent stubbornness isn’t always easy—especially with some many parts and mechanisms to assess. Fortunately, we’ve listed the top reasons why your garage door may have stopped working, along with the best way to fix them.


Something’s blocking the door

If you find your garage door is closing part way and then going back up, it may be because there is something on the ground blocking its path. Check for objects blocking the path, such as tools, toys, or sporting equipment.

If there’s nothing in the way, inspect the tracks for possible buildup. Take a damp rag and run it along each track to remove anything that may be getting in the way.

Your power source is disrupted

A garage door without any power means the inability for it to open or close. Check your garage door opener to ensure it’s plugged into a working outlet. If so, check your breaker box to make sure you didn’t blow a fuse.

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There’s a problem with your remote

Common reasons why your remote garage door opener isn’t cooperating are:

  • You’re out of range. Make sure you’re close enough to your garage door so your remote sensor can register.
  • The batteries have died. An easy fix that might have you shaking your head afterward.
  • The motor’s antenna is blocked from the signal. Check to see if the antenna is properly hanging down from the motor.
  • You’re using LEDs in your garage door opener. Though energy efficient, LEDs often block the transmission sent from your remote to your opener, preventing your garage door from opening.
  • If your remote is still not working, try reprogramming it.

Your photo eye sensors are not working

Many garage doors have a photo eyes that sense if a person or object is blocking the door. Over time, your photo eyes can experience these common problems:

  • Blockage
  • Misalignment
  • Disconnected Wires

If a photo eye is dirty, the light from its beam can become blocked.

If the photo eyes aren’t pointing in the same direction and angle, they won’t register properly and will assume something is blocking its path.

If the other two things have been checked and are in the clear, a disconnected or damaged wire could be at fault.

Give us a call, and we can fix any of these problems quickly and efficiently.

The torsion springs are broken

Broken garage door springs are a popular reason why garage door companies receive calls from customers. When this occurs, it can sound like a gun or firecracker going off. If a spring is broken, do not attempt to adjust or remove it yourself, as this can be extremely dangerous. Instead, contact us so one of our trained professionals can come to inspect your door and safely replace the springs.

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The cables have snapped or are loose

Usually when a torsion spring breaks, your door’s cable will snap. This can result in your garage door closing very quickly, which is why it’s crucial you remove your vehicle and yourself from the garage until a professional can fix the problem for you.

The door is off its track

If your track is not properly aligned, it won’t allow your garage door to move. Look for bends in the rail or gaps between rollers and the track, and listen for rubbing noises. If any of these occur, call us for a service appointment.

You’ve accidentally locked your door

Some garage doors have a lock handle located on the outside of the door that can be locked manually. Look to see if any metal parts have shifted down. If so, just locate the locking knob or handle and use it to unlock your garage door.

Regular maintenance can help prevent common garage door problems and extend the life of your door. Whether you live in Vancouver or Regina, or anywhere in between, our certified technicians are always available to help with any garage door issue or maintenance service. Click here to find the nearest location near you.

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