Oct 28, 2022

Follow these quick and easy tasks to prepare your garage door for our Canadian winters.

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Accessing Ipac System Min
Sep 1, 2021

Our Guide to Setting Up Your Gate’s LiftMaster® 's Internet Protocol Access Control

If you need help setting up your new gate’s IPAC system, the team at Creative Door ServicesTM can help. Our team will come to your property and ensure the unit is installed correctly.

Business Man Wearing Mask Min
Aug 25, 2021

Pedestrian Doors: Performance-Related Assemblies To Consider

The type of pedestrian door you choose will greatly depend on how you plan to use it. Here’s an overview of four things to consider when choosing materials for your pedestrian door.

Business Owners Min
Aug 20, 2021

How To Determine If A FinDoor Folding Door Is Right For You

As a business owner, if you’re looking for an alternative to a standard overhead door, we’ve compiled nine reasons why a FinDoor folding door could be right for you.

Red Emergency Light Min
Aug 17, 2021

Fire Safety Requirements for Egress and Pedestrian Doors

At Creative Door Services™, our team follows strict safety protocols and is committed to providing you with top-quality services and support.

Property Gate
Aug 12, 2021

How To Troubleshoot Common Automatic Gate Sensor Issues

If you think it might be time to replace your gate sensors, be sure to read our troubleshooting guide. Our technicians can provide installation, repair, and retrofit services on residential gates, gate operators, gate access controls.

Second Doors Min
Aug 10, 2021

Adding a Second Garage Door: What You Should Know About Making More Space

Whether you’re adding a secondary door to your garage or investing in a side-by-side addition, Creative Door Services™ can help you bring your vision to life.

Commercial Trucks Min
Aug 7, 2021

Commercial Vehicle Impacts: Overhead Door Safety Features

Accidents can happen while working in a commercial facility. Creative Door Services™ carries high-performance doors designed to handle forklift and vehicle impact, as well as extreme weather.

Child Holding Dog In Driveway Min
Aug 3, 2021

How To Make Automatic Residential Driveway Gates Safer For Pets

If you want to make your residential gate system more pet friendly, the experts at Creative Door Services™ can help. Our team will work with you to find the parts and accessories that meet your needs.

Exterior Of Tall Downtown Building Min
Jul 29, 2021

Pedestrian Doors And Hardware For Commercial Properties

Did you know that we offer an extensive selection of locking hardware and accessories? From keyed entry systems to automatic access control technology, we have the right products for your business.

Confident Manager Min
Jul 26, 2021

The Benefits of Having Energy-Efficient FinDoors

Designed to stand up to Canadian climates, we’ve gathered eight undeniable benefits of choosing FinDoor as your solution for commercial-grade folding doors.

Rat Outside Min
Jul 23, 2021

Does Your Automatic Gate System Have a Pest Problem?

Our team has put together some tips to help you determine if your gate system has become a new home for pesky critters and how you can prevent them from coming back.

Familyinfrontofhome Min
Jul 20, 2021

8 Types of Accents to Give Your Garage Door A Facelift

Are you getting tired of your old garage door? Check our list of eight easy accents that will give your garage door a facelift!

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