Our Top 6 Winter Maintenance Tips for Steel Commercial Doors

In winter, it’s possible for your steel pedestrian doors can warp, loosen, rust, freeze, or become damaged. Therefore, proper care is required to ensure they won’t need extensive repairs. Here are six tips to keep your steel doors in top shape in winter.

steel exit doors with white brick wall

1.) Lubricate the hinges

Extreme temperatures and excess moisture can cause your door’s hinges to become dry and stick. Therefore, you should periodically lubricate the hinges with lithium grease to ensure they continue to move smoothly and quietly all winter long. You should also check that the hinge screws haven’t come loose. If they have, tighten them to ensure your door doesn’t sag.

2.) Secure the strike plate

In winter, the screws on your door’s strike plate may come loose due to changes in temperature and humidity. If the strike plate becomes misaligned, the door won’t close properly, which could compromise your property’s security. Therefore, regularly make sure the screws aren’t loose or damaged and replace them as soon as possible if they are.

3.) Check the weatherstrip

The weatherstrip around your steel doors prevents moisture and cold air from seeping into your facility over the winter. It also prevents dirt, debris, and unwanted critters from getting inside. Therefore, it’s important to check if the weatherstrip is loose, brittle, cracked, torn, or deformed. If the weatherstrip is damaged, replace it immediately. You can save money on your energy bill by ensuring your steel doors are airtight.

4.) Clean the outside of the door

In winter, salt and dirt can build up on the outside of your steel door and eat away at the finish. Therefore, before the cold weather sets in, make sure to clean off any existing residue to prevent rust from forming. For the same reason, you should also touch up any chips in the paint.

close up of locks and handles on steel pedestrian door

5.) Clean and lubricate the locks

If your steel door has a cylindrical or mortise lock, make sure you lubricate it often throughout the winter to keep the moving parts in good working order. Additionally, to prevent debris from accumulating in the lock, occasionally wipe it with a damp cloth.

6.) Schedule a professional inspection

It’s important to schedule regular maintenance for your commercial pedestrian doors to prevent minor problems from turning into major issues. Fortunately, at Creative Door ServicesTM, we offer a flexible planned maintenance program. An annual inspection can help keep your steel doors functional and ensure they last as long as possible.

In addition, if your steel door doesn’t already have one, consider installing a door sweep at the bottom to keep out any drafts. They’re simple to install and can be adjusted for different types of thresholds.

steel findoors exterior in winter

What to Consider When Purchasing a Steel Door for Your Commercial Property

Do you need new commercial steel doors for your building? If so, it’s important to choose a quality product. Here are some things to look at when making this purchase:

  • Insulation. If you want your steel door to protect your property from the elements, look for one with polyurethane insulation. Experts recommend opting for a steel door with an R-value of at least five.

  • Finish. Do you want your steel door to look new for years? If so, opt for one with a powder-coat finish. This will make the door resistant to chipping, scratching, and everyday wear and tear.

  • Thickness. How well your steel door performs is largely determined by the thickness of the steel. Therefore, look for a door that’s 20-gauge thick. This will ensure the door is durable and won’t crack or warp with heavy use.

  • Fire rating. If you want to keep your property safe, your commercial steel door should be fire rated for at least 20 minutes. However, some models are rated for up to 180 minutes.

The team at Creative Door ServicesTM can help you choose from our comprehensive selection of commercial pedestrian doors and commercial overhead doors to ensure you get a durable and reliable product.

Commercial Pedestrian Doors for Western Canada

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