How to Achieve the Farmhouse Style Home of your Dreams!

The farmhouse aesthetic is considered both on trend and timeless. This look takes its inspiration from the homey atmosphere and natural features of the idyllic North American farm. And, with its focus on simplicity and repurposed pieces, this look can be achieved on a budget. Here are six tips for decorating your home in the farmhouse style.


Choose soft colours for your walls

One of the hallmarks of farmhouse style homes is neutral yet warm wall colours like white, beige, cream, grey, and blue-grey.

Adding dimension to the wall further emphasizes the farmhouse element. The classic choice is a white planked wall. Consider using shiplap, which has a clean, rustic look and is a feature in many true farmhouses. Panelling and beadboard are also great options.


Incorporate distressed furniture and home features

Distressed doors and windows lend a farmhouse appeal to your home’s exterior, and antique furniture gives a similarly rustic feel to the interior. Modern pieces with antique styles is one option. For a more authentic look, opt for true antiques, and don’t shy away from pieces with chips, imperfections, and peeled paint. In the same vein, don’t hesitate to hold on to old, distressed furniture (or get that old dresser out of the attic). You can stain or repaint these items as needed.

As with the walls, light, neutral colours work well for furniture and home features. Woodgrain is another great option (the more natural, the better), as is chalk paint.


Showcase heirlooms and quaint items

Farmhouse style is about forming a link with the past, and it often has a nostalgic aspect. Proudly display inherited furniture and decorations, especially when they have a vintage feel or sentimental value. Quaint, antique pieces are equally quintessential to the farmhouse style. For example, you could use an old chest for a coffee table and an antique flour sifter for a vase. Classic pieces for the yard include wagon wheels, old ladders, weathervanes, and antique birdhouses and mailboxes.

Use natural textiles

Well-chosen fabrics contribute to the warmth and hominess that’s characteristic of farmhouse style homes. The classic farmhouse fabrics are linen, cotton, burlap, and ticking. Use these materials for curtains, runners, throws, pillows and tablecloths. Neutral or rustic colours tend to work best: cream, beige, tan, red-brown, cream, etc. Vintage textiles like grain sacks, tea towels, and quilts are great additions.


Have a nature-inspired yard

All that is natural and wild has its place in the farmhouse aesthetic. Fill your yard with plants and flowers. And if you have a green thumb, nothing says “farmhouse” like a vegetable garden. Growing tomatoes, carrots, peppers, herbs, and other staple vegetables adds a rural touch to your yard and fills up your pantry with fresh food. By the way, don’t hesitate to adorn the antiques in your yard with flowers, vines, and plants: wheelbarrows, ladders, and wagon wheels are all perfect candidates for such adornments.

For your yard furniture, consider wood, wicker, and cast iron. Popular options include white wicker chairs, cast iron patio furniture, and wood benches and picnic tables.


Choose a farmhouse-style garage door

Your garage door style is a key consideration when it comes to achieving a farmhouse style. It comprises a large part of your home’s facade, and its features can be made to recall elegant barn, stable, or carriage house doors. Garage door manufacturers such as Wayne Dalton, Martin Door, and Richards-Wilcox offer garage doors and garage door accessories that are perfect for the farmhouse aesthetic. Here are a few garage door options to consider:

  • Woodgrain material
    A wood garage door is always a safe bet for achieving a country aesthetic. Wood is intrinsically warm and rustic and is the classic farmhouse material.

    A few great options to consider are the 300 Series from Wayne Dalton, the 40 Series from Wayne Dalton, and the Contemporary Rockwood Landmark Series L200RW from Richards-Wilcox.

    If you want a woodgrain door that requires minimum upkeep, consider a fibreglass garage door with a finish that simulates woodgrain. The Model 9800 Fibreglass Garage Door has a warm, elegant woodgrain finish that’s indistinguishable from authentic wood.
  • Decorative hardware
    Handles, knockers, studs, hinges, and other decorative hardware pieces can give your garage door the look of a barn or stable door or simply add a traditional or rustic flair. Look for pieces with a hand-hammered look that resembles wrought iron. Decorative hardware can be screw-in-place or magnetic and can be retrofitted on certain garage door models.

To learn more about getting crafty with decorative hardware for garage doors, read our comprehensive article on this topic.


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