Garage Panel Replacement: 5 Factors Every Homeowners Should Know

In the past, garage doors consisted of a one-piece panel or a solid slab that opened and closed. This type of garage door—called a single panel garage door—hasn’t gone entirely extinct, but it’s pretty uncommon by modern garage door standards. Today, the vast majority of garage doors are sectional garage doors, which are made up of multiple panels—typically three to eight—that tilt independently of one another, enabling the door to roll as it opens and closes.

One of the advantages of our modern garage doors is that damage to the door—dents, bends, cracks, or general wear and tear—doesn’t always necessitate replacing the entire door. If the damage is confined to a single panel, you have the option of switching out just the one piece.

While replacing a panel isn’t a big job—a professional can perform the installation quickly—the average homeowner should leave this task to a professional, as it requires specialized tools and expertise. A subpar repair job will only lead to more problems and expenses down the road.

Old cracked and damaged garage door panels

Replacing a damaged garage door panel or section can be a handy and cost-efficient solution to your garage door repair, but not always. Sometimes you’re better off replacing your garage door altogether. Keep reading to learn which course of action you should opt for:

Is It Worth Replacing Your Garage Door Panel or Section?

There are five factors to consider when deciding whether to replace a damaged panel or get a new garage door.

  1. The availability of replacement panels. Before making a decision, you should first confirm that there are replacement panels or sections available for your model of garage door. If you have a newer garage door, this shouldn’t be a problem. But if your garage door is dated, you might be out of luck.
  2. The number of panels that are damaged. The cost of replacing more than one panel or section may approach that of a new door. For a panel replacement to make sense financially, it will typically involve only one panel—two at the very most.
  3.  The extent of the damage. When a panel gets damaged, sometimes the functionality of other parts of the garage door, or even the garage door as a whole, becomes compromised. Even if the one panel and nothing else appears damaged, before deciding on a panel replacement you should make sure (or have a professional make sure) that the damage isn’t more extensive (which would necessitate the replacement of your entire garage door).
  4.  The age of your garage door. It’s not worth replacing a panel on a garage door that’s already past its prime. If your garage door will need to be replaced in the next few years anyway, generally it’s better to swap it out a bit prematurely rather than replace one of the panels.
  5.  The condition and colour of the other panels. When you replace a panel, it’s essential that it blends in with the other panels. If the remaining panels are worn or faded, it will be very difficult to colour match them with the new panel, and there’s the risk of a colour clash occurring. That said, there’s the option of repainting the entire garage door, but this represents a fairly substantial cost, which you will first want to weigh against that of replacing your entire garage door.
Creative Door technicians holding new garage door panel section to install

 So, while panel replacement or section replacement is an attractive option, you don’t want to be too hasty about making this choice for your garage door repair. To make a truly informed decision, consult with a garage door expert.

One thing is certain: if you have a damaged garage door panel, you should do something about it right away. A malfunctioning panel can lead to more serious damage down the road, allows for easy breaches of security and may hasten the need for a full replacement.

Brand new panels featuring Wayne Dalton 8300

Panel Replacement for Garage Doors in Western Canada

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