6 Signs You Need to Install a Driveway Gate

Driveway gates are stylish, secure, and convenient. Although installing one can undoubtedly increase your home’s curb appeal and property value, there are many other benefits. Here are six reasons to convince you to invest in a driveway gate.

a private driveway with closed sliding metal gate

  1. You want to keep people from parking or turning around in your driveway. If you consistently have people using your driveway to turn around or park, installing a driveway gate will prevent them from using it without your permission. You won’t have to worry about your driveway being blocked when you need to use it.
  2. You want to keep your pets and children out of the road. A driveway gate can help keep your children and pets safe from busy streets. If your fence doesn’t enclose your driveway, a gate can fill in that gap. You’ll feel at ease knowing your kids and pets won’t be able to reach traffic-filled roads.

    Moreover, many Creative Door Services™ gate systems have built-in safety features, such as an external obstruction sensing device and a reversing system. These features prevent your gate from closing if it senses something in the way. Consequently, your children and pets won’t be injured while playing outside.
  3. You’re tired of unwanted visitors ringing your doorbell. Investing in a driveway gate is a great way to keep salespeople, canvassers, and other unwanted visitors off your property. With a driveway gate, you decide who comes near your home and stays away.

    a nosy neighbor looking out the window with binoculars
  4. You live in a noisy neighbourhood. If you live on a busy street, it’s not easy to relax without feeling bombarded by the world on your doorstep. Depending on the gate design you choose, installing a driveway gate can help reduce noise levels caused by street traffic. It’s best to choose a solid gate that’s at least three metres high and doesn’t have any gaps.
  5. You want more privacy. A solid driveway gate can help keep snoopy neighbours from seeing into your yard. You can feel free to lounge on the lawn, dine outdoors, or relax in your hot tub or pool without worrying about being on display to passersby.
  6. You want to increase the security of your home. A professionally installed driveway gate is an effective physical barrier to protect your home from intruders. At Creative Door Services™, we carry a wide selection of automatic gate operators with advanced access control features such as coded keypads, intercoms, and Wi-Fi connectivity that allow you to restrict unauthorized access to your space and create a secure perimeter for you and your family members.

If any of the above reasons resonate with you, you may want to consider getting a gate for your driveway. Creative Door Services™ has a variety of manual and automatic sliding and swinging driveway gates to choose from. Our team would be happy to help you customize an entry to suit your needs.

a family returning home from shopping using their gate

Prevent Unexpected Breakdowns

Creative Door Services™ offers a planned maintenance program to maximize your gate’s performance, reduce repair costs, and increase security. One of our technicians will inspect every aspect of your gate, identify minor problems and address them before they become serious. When you invest in planned maintenance, you can rest assured you won’t run into any unexpected problems or breakdowns. Our team will keep your driveway gate running smoothly for years to come.

Residential Driveway Gates Across Western Canada

If you’ve decided it’s time to install a stylish driveway gate at the front of your home, the team at Creative Door ServicesTM has you covered. We carry an impressive range of high-quality residential gates in various colours, styles, and materials. Our team would be happy to help you design the custom gate of your dreams. We also offer expert installation, maintenance, and repair services.

If you have questions about our products and services, contact one of our eight branches in Western Canada today. We have locations in Kelowna, British Columbia; Vancouver, British Columbia; Calgary, Alberta; Edmonton, Alberta; Fort McMurray, Alberta; Regina, Saskatchewan; Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; and Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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