6 Design Tips for Your Automatic Pedestrian Gate

Do you want to install a stylish pedestrian gate at the front of your property? Whether you want to boost your home’s curb appeal, double down on security, increase privacy, or streamline access to your property, here are a few tips for designing a custom residential driveway gate.

1.) Keep your climate in mind.

All pedestrian gates require periodic maintenance to remain operational. You can minimize maintenance by keeping your climate in mind. Rust and rot are a gate’s worst enemies. If you like the look of metal but don’t have time for regular maintenance, opt for an aluminum gate over steel or ornamental iron. If your heart is set on a wooden gate, prepare to repaint, re-stain, or refinish it regularly to guard against rot.

2.) Determine your driveway’s landscaping limitations.

Did you know your landscaping can impact the design of your driveway gate? For instance, a swinging gate is an excellent option if you have large hedges or climbing vines on either side of your driveway. This way, the greenery won’t get damaged or obstruct the track, which could occur with a sliding gate. A swinging gate is also best if your driveway is sloped or curved.

Conversely, a sliding gate is most suitable for properties with flat driveways or limited space as they require far less clearance than swinging ones. Moreover, sliding gates don’t have a gap at the bottom, which is ideal if you have small pets you want to keep contained.

3.) Think about how the gate will be used.

Your gate’s primary use will largely determine whether you require manual or automatic operation. Some people only require private access. But individuals who see clients at home, such as massage therapists, psychologists or lawyers, may need advanced automation like an intercom or keypad system to streamline their coming and goings.

4.) Consider how much privacy you want.

When choosing a gate design, it’s important to determine if you want it to provide privacy or restrict access to your home. If you aren’t worried about prying eyes, you might want to opt for a decorative gate with thin slats or posts that allow a full view of your property. However, a solid wood or metal gate may be more practical if you want to seal off your yard completely from strangers.

5.) Match the gate to your home.

Design a pedestrian gate to match the overall style of your home’s architecture. If your home has a rustic feel and has carriage-style garage doors, a wooden gate with hand-hammered hinge straps and stylish knockers will work nicely. However, if you have a contemporary or ultramodern home with clean lines, a custom gate with a smooth, woodgrain finish and frosted glass inserts is sure to turn heads.

6.) Draw inspiration from your neighbourhood.

Before picking a gate design, drive around your neighbourhood to get a feel for the overall aesthetic of the other homes in the area. If your neighbourhood has a traditional feel, stick with a classic-style gate design like ornamental wrought iron. If you live in a neighbourhood with a homeowner’s association (HOA), find out if there are any restrictions on the size, design, colour, or width of the gate.

Finally, if you plan to create a custom gate for your driveway in the near future, the team at Creative Door ServicesTM would be happy to help you design the perfect one. One of our staff members will review all available gate options and then arrange to have the one you choose expertly installed.

Keep Your Gate in Great Shape

At Creative Door ServicesTM, we want to help extend the lifespan of your driveway gate with our comprehensive planned maintenance program. Once you sign up for the program, one of our expert technicians will visit your home regularly to inspect your gate system and ensure it works well. They’ll be able to detect minor problems before they become major issues, thereby saving you from prematurely investing in a new system.

Your Local Manual and Automatic Pedestrian Gate Experts

At Creative Door ServicesTM, we offer a range of high-quality residential driveway gates from top-tier brands. We also carry innovative access control solutions like keypads, telephone entry systems, and automatic sensors. Furthermore, our expert technicians provide comprehensive installation, repair, and maintenance services to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

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